Beautiful Pine Forest Family Photoshoot | Bundaberg QLD | Mel, Shaun & Kenzie

Mel, Shaun and Kenzie are the sweetest family I’ve ever met, with the brightest red hair I’ve ever seen! I used to work with Mel years ago, and back when I was first experimenting with photography, she was the first person to put her hand up for photos to help me out. I think that was three or four years ago now, Kenzie has grown a lot since then, so it was nice to take them out to the pine forestry and take some updated photos!

Kenzie is the cheekiest, brightest little girl, and Mel and Shaun fully embrace her personality and encourage her free spiritedness which I think is so incredible! I love all of her wild energy and you can see it speaks through these images. So, enjoy these sweet family photos of Mel, Shaun and Kenzie in the Pine Forestry between Bundaberg and Childers, QLD