Pine Forest Couples Photoshoot | Rachael & Lachlan

I’ve known Rachael for a few years now, we actually used to work together before she graduated University and left to do her dream job of being a teacher! (and an amazing one at that!) Rach and Lachy have been together for nearly five years, so they were definitely overdue for some cute couples photos! 

I asked Rach if she would like to bring their puppy Charlie, “I dunno, he’s pretty high energy,'' she said. How high energy could a little sausage dog be?, I thought, turns out I was being very naive hahaha. All jokes aside, Charlie is actually the cutest little boy who loves his mum and dad, when I was trying to take photos of Rach and Lachy without him, I had my camera in one hand and Charlie on his lead in the other! And the whole time he was either trying to eat kangaroo poo or trying to get in the photos with his mum and dad! Hahaha! 

Rach and Lachy aren't the type of couple to be all over each other at any given time, but these photos are still so cute and romantic! I had them laying in the grass, rolling around, laughing and genuinely having fun the whole time and I feel these images really reflect who they are and how much fun they had! Every couple is different and it is so important to me that my images reflect that, but most importantly my couples should feel comfortable, I want you too feel like your on a date...with a weird third wheeling friend who is taking photos of you both rolling in the grass ¯\_(ツ)_/¯