Dreamy Boho Outback Styled Bridal Shoot in Biggenden, QLD | Mattea

Mattea is my absolute best friend and has been one of my biggest supporters when I announced I was starting my own photography business, she’s also extremely beautiful and incredibly creative! So, when I wanted to create my first ever styled shoot, I knew she would be the perfect model. The inspiration behind my shoot was a hot summers day with my boyfriend, brother and sister, we decided to do a road trip to visit Utopia Falls in Mount Walsh National Park, situated in Biggenden, QLD. Google maps took us on a wrong turn, and we ended up going through the Mount Walsh National Park (Utopia Falls is just outside the park, on the opposite side of the mountain to where we ended up).

I was amazed at how beautiful it was there and decided I NEEDED to do a photoshoot there, but knew I’d probably never convince anyone to drive an hour and a half from Bundaberg just for photos. So, I asked Mattea if she would be my model and road trip with me to Biggenden. Of course, she agreed cause she’s a SAINT! We created our vision together, I wanted an off-white dress with metallic through it and found this incredible dress by the brand Arnhem, which fit Mattea like a glove! Like DAMN GIRL! I WISH I HAD CURVES LIKE THAT!

I wasn’t quite sure what to do for flowers, but a couple days before the shoot I was walking through my local Coles (I’m not even joking!) and they had the most gorgeous bunches of Australian Natives, so I grabbed two bunches and styled the bouquet myself, Mattea providing some strips of silk to wrap around it. Honestly the most beautiful bouquet I’ve ever seen…and it was from the supermarket! I had an old hat lying around that I knew would be perfect for my vision, also hats are super trendy for brides at the moment and I AM HERE FOR IT! I love a good flat brimmed hat! Mattea wore a pair of her own heels, which matched perfectly, and she did her own hair and makeup, because did I mention how TALENTED this girl is!!!

The shoot ended up being everything I dreamed of and more! I couldn’t have asked for more perfect images! I love them so much that they have become my main branding images as I feel they totally encapsulate my name and brand! So enjoy these stunning images of my styled bride Mattea in this gorgeous setting of Mount Walsh National Park, Biggenden QLD