Moody Boho Maternity Photoshoot

Jess has been a good friend of mine for years, we used to work together. When I first started at my previous job, she was pregnant with Maci! And now Maci is five and Jess has another little bubba on the way! I watched as Jess flourished as a mother and so I know for a fact how loved this little boy will be! 

I actually asked Jess if she would be interested in doing maternity photos because I didn’t actually have any in my portfolio. She wasn’t thrilled because she wasn’t really feeling that ‘pregnant glow’ but I insisted I would make her look like the majestic mumma she was! During the shoot Jess kept saying “this isn’t a maternity shoot, its family photos and I just happen to be pregnant”, I nearly died of laughter!

Maci is just the sweetest little girl, the field we were in was full of long spiky grass so she asked if Jess would carry her, but she was obviously sporting a very pregnant belly and couldn’t, so Maci asked if I would carry her everywhere! It was SO CUTE!

During our shoot there were cows in the next field that were being very vocal, which Maci thought was hilarious, and kept asking if the cows would come over to this field, I kept telling her we were safe in this paddock. Just as we finished our shoot, we realised that the cows weren’t actually confined to that paddock and had made their way into the field we were in and had blocked our path to the car! It was hilarious! Luckily the cows didn’t want to be anywhere near us and quickly moved on, only for me to realise that my glasses had fallen off my head somewhere in the field! So, I had to go back in with the cows to try and find my glasses (with transparent frames might I add! Extra hard to locate!) Luckily, I found them! It’s always an adventure when you come on a shoot with me, I swear!


I hope you love Jess and Maci’s photos as much as I do. The brown and blue tones with that pop of mustard from Jess’ dress is STUNNING!!