Lovers Beach Picnic | Sarah & Blake

Sarah reached out to me after I put a model call out on my personal facebook page, we had been Facebook friends for years, we had actually gone to primary school together! Sarah was in the grade below me but our primary school was so small that we were usually in the same classroom! (Ahhhh the memories of those fluorescent orange uniforms) Sarah and Blake are engaged and were getting married in only a couple months time but hadn’t done any engagement photos done yet, so Sarah convinced Blake that they needed them done ;)

Blake had actually proposed to Sarah over in New Zealand while they were there on holiday! How freaking beautiful! These two are actually high school sweethearts *cue heart eyes*. When I asked how they met, Blake said that they actually met on their Grade 8 Orientation Day, and that Sarah stood out because she was the only one in a fluorescent orange uniform hahaha!! HOW FREAKING CUTE IS THAT!?!?! 

A couple days before this shoot I was talking to my best friend about how I would love to do a styled lovers picnic setup. Then on the day, Sarah (like a freaking mind reader!) messaged me asking if i was down for a picnic during the shoot! UMMMM YES PLEASE!!! So we headed down to Mon Repos Beach, set up the most gorgeous picnic and I photographed these two beautiful souls as the laughed, sipped wine and just looked drop dead gorgeous and in love. I honestly had so much fun, spent the whole time laughing and swooning over these two cuties! I am obsessed with these images, you can just see how much Sarah and Blake love each other, how in love they are at this point in their lives, such a special time and I wish them all the love and positivity for their married life together!