Indie Couples Photoshoot at Agnes Water 1770

Okay so, Emma is a fellow photographer and veterinarian nurse up at Agnes Waters/1770. I have been mildly obsessed with her for a while now so I decided to message her and ask if she wanted to meet up and do a shoot swap. I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts how important community over competition is to me, so I love showing love to fellow photographers and meeting up with them to collab on things together! So, turns out Emma is really freaking cool and her and her husband Llewellyn were totally down for a shoot swap! HELL YES!!!! Literally the most aesthetic couple to ever exist really!

Jordan and I drove up to Agnes Waters to Emma and Luie’s property and we started our swap session off by heading to the paperbark forest for our first photos. Afterwards, Emma and Luie took us to their secret little beach spot at 1770 and I AM OBSESSED with this spot! The massive cliffs and orange coloured boulders were an incredible contrast to the bright blue ocean, it was a photographers dream! After we finished shooting we went out for dinner and now we are all besties and honestly it's my dream come true hahaha. Head over to Emma's website to check out the photos she took of Jordan and I! Im obsessed and I'm going to hang them up all over our house tbh.