Dreamy Golden Fields Mother Daughter Photoshoot

Chloe approached me to book a photoshoot of her and her beautiful daughter Sophia, she told me the thing she loved the most about my style was how natural, raw and real my images were. She said they had photos done in the past which were always so posed, Sophia always hated having them done, and Chloe always hated how she looked in them. 

This made me so sad! I love taking photos, I believe everyone needs to have them done regularly, especially if you have little kids, what better way to look back and see how much they've grown! But I also hear so often how much parents, especially mums, hate how they look in their images! This breaks my heart and I’ve made it my mission to make mums feel comfortable, and I’m yet to have anyone tell me they disliked how they looked. My style is natural and real, I won't pose you, I’ll direct you so that everything you do is natural and real.

We found this magnificent golden field, the sky was a beautiful shade of blue and even though it was 3:30pm the full moon was out adding a little bit of magic to their photos! As Chloe and Sophia walked through the fields I took their images, we all laughed and carried on as if I wasn’t actually taking their photos. 

After I delivered their gallery Chloe could not stop telling me how much she loved them, and how she had already ordered six canvas images! My heart was so, so full knowing how much she loved them! Thank you Chloe and Sophia for trusting me to take these photos for you!