Boho Inspired Beach Family Photoshoot

You might remember my blog from a few weeks back, where I did a maternity shoot for Jess with her daughter Maci, well bubba made his entrance earthside and we obviously had to do a photoshoot with the whole family to celebrate this incredible moment in this sweet little family’s life and welcome Layne Thomas into the family.

When I asked Jess to do the maternity shoot, her partner Michael didn't want to have photos done, so her and Maci came alone. Well, after I delivered the gallery, Jess messaged me to say that firstly how much she loved the photos and secondly, how much Michael loved them and that he regretted not being apart of them. So she wanted to do another photoshoot once Layne was born and include the whole family, including Michael’s son Cale. 

We did this photoshoot when Layne was about six weeks old, so that he “wouldn’t look like a potato” in Jess’s own words. I’ve known Jess for a long time now and to see her flourish as a mum gives me so much joy, her beautiful family love each other all equally and her and Michael make sure that all the kids are loved wholeheartedly, and supported endlessly. Maci and Cale dote on their baby brother Layne, and in Maci’s words “my little brother is the cutest baby in the world” 

I feel so privileged to have been able to take these photos, and it's probably my best work to date. The whole vibe is beautiful and the edits really made me feel 100 percent happy with my style. Thank you Jess, Michael, Cale, Maci and Layne for letting me photograph your beautiful family.