Barolin Rocks | Queensland Coast Elopement | Amy & Damien

I was asked to second shoot Amy & Damiens elopement by the absolutely amazing, bubbly, beautiful Maddison Jayne Photography. I had so much fun working alongside Maddi, and Amy & Damien were the best couple to work with so easy going, fun and good looking! ;) 

Amy & Damien had planned on having a big wedding but with all the stress it was causing them both, they decided to elope at the beautiful Barolin Rocks at Coral Cove instead! This is something that is so close to my heart, everybody has family drama and you should never feel like you have to invite someone to your wedding simply because they are related to you! Your wedding is YOUR DAY! You should invite whoever you want to, not who you're expected to. And, if that’s still too much, then only ask your nearest and dearest to attend as you both elope and pledge yourselves to each other.

Amy & Damien did exactly that, and it was so beautiful! After a short but incredibly sweet ceremony, (where their son delivered the rings to them! *ugly cries*) they had a little ceremony where they poured 3 different coloured sands into a heart shaped glass jar, signifying their two families, and their own family that they had created together with their two sons, HOW FLIPPIN SWEET! 

Afterwards, Amy & Damien happily climbed all over the rocks in their wedding attire, laughed (seriously, we laughed so much!), stood barefoot in rock pools, balanced on tiny rocks and had a makeout sesh right on the edge of a small cliff while we waited for a wave to crash behind them! Couples that put all their time into their bridal photos are my favvvvouriteeeeee! I also need to mention that this morning was so overcast, with on and off rain and I was WORRIED for them both! But the sun came out right before their ceremony started, LIKE OKAY UNIVERSE THANK YOU!

Thank you again to Maddison Jayne Photography for asking me to come along! You are so damn sweet, such a talented photographer and an amazing friend! Dream Team xx

Main Photographer: Maddison Jayne Photography

Location: Barolin Rocks, Coral Cove Esplanade

Celebrant: Emma Jansen Marriage Celebrant

Makeup & Hair: Lust Beauty