Authentic, Wild at Heart Mother & Daughters Photoshoot | Bundaberg QLD | Dannielle, Chloe & Summer

Danni and her stunning daughters Chloe and Summer have a special bond, anyone can see that, so I wanted to make sure that was conveyed through these images. I worked with Danni at a medical centre, she’s an absolutely amazing nurse, with a big voice and big heart! It didn’t matter where you were in the building, you could always hear her laughing, and her daughters are just smaller versions of her.

Danni was raising her girls by herself, sending them to private schools all while working and studying to be a Registered Nurse. So when I asked if her and her girls would model for me to help me get my business off the ground it felt amazing to be able to offer something as precious as memories to someone who truly deserved it!

Danni and her girls have a free-spirited, wild at heart energy and I really feel like these images showed that! They fully embraced all my weird posing techniques. They laughed hard, embraced the wind-blown hair and it was beautiful to see how much they truly loved each other. I hope you enjoy these amazing, raw images of Danni and her free spirited girls, Chloe and Summer taken near Elliot Heads Beach, Bundaberg QLD.