We’re Zen & Jordan! A photo and film dream team currently based out of Bundaberg, Queensland, but as of November 2020 we will be calling Hobart, Tasmania home! We are mildly obsessed with adventure and the outdoors, and if there are mountains then we want to be there! We’ve been together for five years, and in that time, we have travelled to other countries, hiked many trails, climbed a good few mountains, seen all the views and even walked on a glacier! Travel was what inspired our love of the great outdoors and epic locations! 

Our love of mountains, cold places and hiking is the reason behind moving our lives from sunny Queensland to beautiful Tasmania. We want to inspire others to get out in nature and get married in beautiful places! We believe in making your wedding day your best adventure yet! We are massive advocates for throwing away tradition and doing your wedding the way you want! Rather than show up and follow a strict timeline, we want to explore beautiful, epic locations with you, stretch our creativity and truly experience your day with you. 

Not only do we want to give you beautiful images in epic places, we also make it our mission to give you a meaningful experience! We are here to serve you and help you to achieve a wedding day that is a true reflection of the both of you! We will help you scout out the perfect location, whether you want to elope at Cradle Mountain or on top of Mount Wellington or have an intimate wedding with your nearest and dearest at a cellar door in Freycinet NP or at a lavender field in Port Arthur, we will help you create a day that is truly focused on the two of you!


Hey babe! I’m Zen! I come from an Italian family, so I have a deep love of cooking, pasta and big family gatherings. If you see me out in the wild, I can almost guarantee I’ll be covered in crystals and wearing something black. I love tattoos, soy lattes, vegan food, hiking and dreaming up my next big adventure. I’m a classic Sagittarius, a massive dreamer and adventurer, who loves aesthetic! I will also pat any dog I see and cry over how cute they are.


Hey! I’m Jordan! I’m a huge fan of coffee, travelling and good music. I always have to be doing something, sitting idle is not my thing! I’m either always at the gym, building something out of palettes, working on my car or tinkering away at something. I also love anything to do with computers and web design, and I actually run a web design business as a side gig! Zen likes to tell me I have a bit of Viking cross lumberjack aesthetic going on, but I honestly just couldn’t be bothered shaving or cutting my hair.