Hey Babe! I’m Zen!

I come from an Italian family, so I have a deep love of cooking, pasta and big family gatherings. My favourite movies of all time are the Lord of the Rings trilogy and there’s nothing anyone can say that will change my mind! I'm obsessed with fantasy novels and chai tea, and both of those things together is the greatest thing in this world! I’m a huge dreamer, an adventurer, and I’d rather be travelling and exploring new places than doing anything else. I have an amazing partner of over four years, Jordan, and together we love to travel all over in our vintage caravan. I'm a Bundaberg, QLD based photographer most passionate about capturing moments. I'm all about images that evoke emotion, that make you feel something when you look at them! I’m not about posing you in multiple awkward ways that make you feel stiff and weird and remind you that you felt that way every time you look back at your photos.

I do things a little differently

My images are inspired by indie, boho style and are warm and nostalgic feeling. My style is heavily focused on real moments. Nothing staged, nothing forced, nothing set up, no awkward half smiles. It’s the real good stuff. I, of course, will guide you as we shoot so you’re not awkwardly standing there wondering what to do, but it’s important to me that you are being fully yourselves and present with one another. This way, I can capture you for who you really are. Everyones story is so different, and I make sure my photos reflect who you are! I make sure that the way I’m interacting, shooting, and editing is reflective of who you are and how things actually felt. It’s a lot of small little things like this that go a long way. The choices I make aren’t to benefit me because these are your memories, not mine.

I focus on quality over quantity so we can create something together you’ll value forever.

I want to get to know your story so I can photograph the way it actually feels. I want to capture who you really are, your quirks, your laughs, and your tears. I want to see the way you light each other up, I want wind-blown hair and passionate kisses at sunset. Because those moments are the real, authentic, wonderful moments you'll want to remember years down the road.

Lets create something beautiful together

I'm a photographer for the adventurers, the wild and the whimsical, the star crossed lovers, the free-spirited, the brides who don't mind getting their dress a little dirty. I don’t have a studio because I don’t like posed photos and I’m constantly inspired by nature and how beautiful it is! So why wouldn’t I take all my photos outside in the golden sun, amongst the wildflowers, the mountains as my backdrop. But honestly, no matter where your adventure takes place, if you value the experience over perfectly posed photographs, we'll be perfect for each other! So, If you're down for adventure, not afraid to get mud on your feet, and don't mind wind or rain messing up your hair, we're probably the perfect fit! Because I want to give you those messy in between moments. Those moments that are unplanned and unposed, because those are the moments that truly matter.